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Kenneth Thompson

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(MAIR Best Presentation) Propensity Score Matching: Moving Toward Causality in Education

  • Kenneth Thompson
  • Date:Thursday, June 1
  • Time:3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
  • Room:Mint
  • Session Type:Affiliated Organization Best Presentation
  • Program Book Abstract:As a statistical method for addressing selection bias, propensity score matching is gaining popularity within the education arena. Although experimental design remains the gold standard for causal inference, experimental design is not always possible in education. Instead, education researchers often rely on quasi-experimental designs lacking the randomization required for causal inference. Propensity score matching provides a statistical technique for addressing systematic differences in groups by matching participants on their likelihood of group assignment. Grounded in the Rubin counterfactual framework, this session will provide an introduction to and overview of propensity score matching.