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Antonia Sly Nichols

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(CIRPA Best Presentation) Collaborating with Student Services to Improve Retention

  • Date:Wednesday, May 31
  • Time:11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Room:Mint
  • Session Type:Affiliated Organization Best Presentation
  • Program Book Abstract:Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) has a regular practice of surveying incoming students to create a first year student profile for each of our 13 campuses. In 2016, Institutional Research collaborated with Student Services to revise and strengthen the purpose and use of the Incoming Student Survey. The new instrument was split into two surveys and is administered both before and after the start of September classes. Students identified as potentially at-risk are contacted and offered early support. This cross-departmental project is a key initiative in a suite of college-wide efforts to develop targeted retention strategies. The focus of the survey is to collect data that can be used to forecast students who may be at risk of withdrawing within the first few months of enrollment. This session will provide an overview of what questions are asked, what flags a student as being “at-risk,” and how our Student Success Surveys have turned into effective retention tools.